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2nd Jun, 2017


Small life update

I am alive and reasonably well. An extremely unhealthy work-life balance and managing a number of extracurricular activities on top of that leaves me barely any time to go on the internet and de-stress. But I'm managing :)

I am finally going to move out of this shitty little post-socialist country and go live in a reasonable place with my love and my cat. It's gonna happen this summer. Can't wait :)

Hope all of you are also fine :*

13th Sep, 2013

Glee: Kurt red

(no subject)

25 years and 1 days old!

... All I can think about is how it so doesn't feel like a quarter of a century.


4th Sep, 2013

Glee: Kurt red

(no subject)

This summer was supposed to be about finally reading The Song of Ice and Fire series.

Instead, I am re-reading all of Rainjoy's words in the Glee universe.

I like her much more. *shrugs*

10th Nov, 2012

Glee: Kurt red

eye operation

I am having an eye operation today, in an hour. Wish me luck!

And if you see me online during the next 72 hours, kick me in the boobs!


3rd Jun, 2012

Glee: Kurt red

What I can do

For about two weeks now I have been reading and re-reading all the glorious magnificent magical incredible glee fics that rainjoyswriting has written for us.

And for forever, I wanted to give her something for writing, because no fic has affected me like hers do. (also, she made me download Florence + The Machine, my current goddess :])

And I know you are going through a hard time, and that made me want to be close to you and be able to hug you even more.

And then two days ago I realized that maybe there is something I could give you. So, I sat down and worked on this playlist for the last two days (well, actively worked on it all day today, brainstormed about it yesterday :D). I tried to add few songs with English lyrics, to make it easier to listen and read (for anyone who would like to). You'll find Russian, Japanese and Hungarian lyrics, though.

There are large gaps storywise, especially in 'And See Further' and 'Through All The False Things' (they're so awesomely long <3 but I don't have the juice to find more good, fitting music), but this is my first playlist project ever, so it's more of a... Prototype, or WIP. As chapters come out, I will update it, and if I find a perfect song for a gap, I'll add that, too.

I think I have said everything that needs to be said. Oh, yeah. Don't worry about reacting to this whole thing, I know you have better things to do right now. Or ever. :)

I love you Rainjoy and I hope you like this little nonsense.

Playlist for RainJoy's Mageverse!AU, by TRN

In The Dark

1. Kanon Wakeshima: Suna no Oshiro (translation - though the lyrics aren't important in this case)
Blaine wanders in the forest and meets Kurt. 

2. NOX: Tűztánc (translation - I'll get to it tomorrow!)
Kurt tells Blaine about Karofsky, about faeries, about mages, about Kurt.

3. Within Temptation: The Howling

4. Flёur: Сияние (translation)
Blaine wakes up and sees the lights and offers Kurt his reward :)

5. Ronan Hardiman: Celtic Dream
Everything after their first kiss

Close Your Eyes

1. Ronan Hardiman: Gypsy
Santana is irritated. This song is Santana.

2. Kanon Wakeshima: Kagami (translation - though the lyrics aren't important in this case)
They are happy and bouncy. They can bathe, they have a place to sleep. Kurt and Finn go home, Blaine meets Burt.

3. Apocalyptica: Nothing Else Matters
Confrontation from Dave's point of view

4. Emily Browning: Asleep
Dave finds peace

5. Ronan Hardiman: Dance Of Love
Kurt dances, Blaine is drunk and in love, and Burt is grateful and content.

And See Further

1. Yiruma: River Flows In You
Snow is falling and the boys are in love

2. Late Night Alumni: Beautiful
Blaine takes care of Kurt after Kurt helps with the birth and they have a content morning

3. Vanessa Mae: Sabre Dance
The dhampir attacks. Sword and shield.

4. Alexei Aigui: Tango Du Cochon
Kurt heals Jesse

5. Within Temptation: Never-Ending Story

Through All False Things

1. NOX: Szeretem (translation - I'll get to it tomorrow!)
Dancing and handfasting

2. Scala & Kolacny Brothers: Heartbeats
I can hear you, and you can hear me, for we are one.

3. Late Night Alumni: Rainy Days
An ancient creature

4. Ronan Hardiman: Warriors
Lord Anderson, study

5. Vanessa Mae: Storm
You hurt him and I will kill you.

23rd May, 2012

Glee: Kurt red

Fic: Defence

Title: Defence
Rating: G
Pairings: Klaine
Word Count: 455
Spoilers: 3x22, Glee-duation
Summary: [Click for spoiler!]"I didn't get in." Mostly angst, but also hurt/comfort.
Note: I have been reading rainjoyswriting for the last two days, and by "I have been reading" I mean "at least 8 hours a day, at home - in the bathtub - on the bus - instead of studying for my exams". I think her style made an impact on me and on this. Also, it's past 6 AM.

It feels like a rock forming in his abdomen: slowly getting bigger and heavier, crushing and hurting and what is that movement in the corner of his eye?Collapse )

6th Feb, 2012

Glee: Kurt red

I love him.

Originally posted by ladydreamer at I love him.
"You’re not weak. Your life is not defined by a letter grade, a dress size, your sexuality or anything else. You have every chance at happiness. You were not meant to suffer. You are loved. Never, ever give up."
--Chris Colfer

14th Jan, 2012

Glee: Kurt red

Fic: Face it

Title: Face it
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Klaine
Word Count: 6477ish
Spoilers: anything until 2x10, AVGC, AU after 2x09 SE
Summary: A Secret Santa at Dalton, and a bet between Kurt and Blaine to see who is better at giving presents.
Notes: Originally posted at the kb_holidays winter exchange, for sunshine1112.

MUSIC: The album Blaine listens to is Within Temptation's The Silent Force; I had trouble figuring out how this should go, and it was hearing them live that helped me. Also, WT is incredible and severely underrated. So, there.

WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY BEAUTIFUL BITCH OF A BETA MUNYUSZ FOR HER BETA AND HER GENERAL EXISTENCE. If it weren't for her, there would not be class in the sentence "History class has just ended..."

Hope you enjoy! I'm sorry I turned it into this sucky song-fic thing, the prompt was something I couldn't really see happening without something huge that would influence the boys (but it's not impossible, so all in all it was a really good prompt), and this was the best I could come up with, because music. *sigh*

“I bet you are great at giving presents.”Collapse )

21st Oct, 2011

Glee: Kurt red

(no subject)

Saw Within Temptation yesterday (actually crossed borders to see it :D).

During their song Faster I had an epiphany and now I know how my KB exchange fic will happen.

I really want to add the song to the fic, but somehow only two lines go with Klaine, all the other stuff is kind of too gothic metal-y :D And this song isn't really gothic metal-y XD But I have figured the details for that one out, I'll just have difficulty with the feelings part of the thing. And that is enough spoiler. :D

13th Oct, 2011

Glee: Kurt red

I entered the KB Holiday Exchange

And I'm freaking out like whoa, because I'm afraid I will fuck it up, although I have a pretty awesome prompt, I just have to get an idea around which to build this story... What if the "muse" or whatever doesn't come for a long time? :( I keep thinking about scenarios to make it work, and somehow none of them click with me. :(

And I'll have to learn LJ HTML and get a beta for the first time in my life and I have a deadline and nnnnnnn my stomach hurts.

(whiny whiny whiny bitch but I won't give up!)

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